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Under His Watchful Eye

Love Under Lockdown, Book 13

Chapter One – Liam

I et her attention- Three and a quarter if I a exact

I have tried calling her tosether, trying toshout the years? Pure indifference

She always does whatever I tell her to without a single cooes back to bury herself in her co can ever get to her in her little world

What she doesn’t know is that her indifference has made ed to make me hate her a little for her inability to feel e what it would be like to entice her out of the little world in her head

Yet now Anna Mallon is doing what feels a lot like flirting with me

Her eyes are looking straight at the ca so cheeky that I want to kiss the little shty that I want to do all sorts of wicked pleasurable things to her

Right as I look, she reaches with her index finger to swipe the beaded red dot on top of her chest and brings it up to showher index finger to the camera


When I told her that she had so the usual indifference This was nothing like I expected, but in this case, I alad to be disappointed

I want to knohat is going to happen next, but e she has put on full display Very unlike the usual grey or brown high cut official blouses, but again, I a to see what she will do next, when she does so most uncharacteristic of her

The littlethee of my seat and I just about cum my pants off when she lets off a little moan the minute she tastes the jam

My hands coroan into the back of my hand

She knohat she’s doing

She has to knohat she is doing to me