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Hardline Meredith Wild 13100K 9 month ago

"Wish it wereyou?"


"Want asped My belly tightened and heat prickled acrossto be filled with him All of hiether

"Go ahead and work yourself up"

A flash of fear shot throughto shun e and leaving ers worked feverishly over ht, I blocked everything else out Suddenly I was convinced he’d leave et there myself

"Blake," I moaned His name left my lips like a desperate prayer He wasn’t inside hts, deeply e me to climax I kept hi into ht here"

My eyes flew open at the sound of his voice at h both ofmy shoulders back My breasts jutted out My clit throbbed for attention I shifted restlessly, too eager to finish or be finished His free hand caentle and possessive His thuer as he circled the colus to, but I want to hear you say it," he whispered, pulling my earlobe into his mouth He sucked, bit down hard

I jerked as ht

He soothed the sting with his tongue Hot open- I pushedhiainst the couch His hand left my throat and curved aroundthe hard nub of my clit I tensed at the contact, the leisurely pace of his touch driving me to the brink of madness

"I own you, Erica Your heart, the blood that beats through it when I hold you down this way Your body, the way it moves for me, comes for me It’s all mine Say it Tellhis de in e laced his question Soer too I needed to come, to be free of this tension, all of it

"No one owns ain