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Hardline Meredith Wild 17270K 9 month ago

The rest of theeveryone In the process I began to feel rounded than I had been I’d only been away the weekend, but I’d returned coroundedinto this neork The tension rolling off Blake had eased, so maybe the sa looks As always, he knew so was up, that I was off Except I had no idea how I’d ever tell hiive to turn back tiatheredto return to my desk and dive into my day

"We need to talk"

Blake’s voice was low, the threatening tone unmistakable I looked up to find hi behind a mask of supposed indifference "About?"

Blake rose slowly "I think it’s better discussed in private Shall we?" He gestured toward the door

James casually shoved out of his chair and led the way My heart was beating wildly as I scanned the office No one seemed the wiser Hurriedly I followed They’d moved a few feet down the hallway by the ti the door behind me

Blake stood across from James, his stance wide and his arms across his chest "I wanted to be the one to tell you that you’ll be giving your notice Preferably this week"

"Excuse me?" James’s posture tensed "Erica’s "

Blake’s tone left no doubt Anger and confusion whipped through me I wanted Blake to kno sorry I was, how desperate I was tome where I felt it most My business My livelihood The safe place that wasa shadow over it all with these de? Stop this" I took a step closer, hoping no one in the office could hear us

He turned to me, his eyes colored with all the hurt I’d caused, co, Erica It’s that simple Unless you’d like me to leave instead"

"You don’t mean that" I stared hard at him, almost too tired to test his resolve

James’s soft chuckle broke our standoff His cool blue stare fixed on Blake, his hands fisted tightly by his sides "You really let success get to your head don’t you, Landon? You think you canbastard does that? And you have the balls to lay a hand on her I should beat the hell out of you so you knohat it feels like"

Blake snapped to face Ja about? I’ve never hit her"

I took a tentative step forward, not entirely coht now With all the eet hurt in the fray

"James, no You don’t understand"

"You told hi look full of confusion,My heart fell, tears threatening

"No God, just stop, both of you"