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Hardline Meredith Wild 18460K 9 month ago

Out of ain I watched his retreat, relieved of the pressure of his resentment, yet infinitely more miserable than I’d been before


I hesitated in the hallway, hter with others carried beyond the walls of their new apartment I wanted to celebrate and be happy for Alli and Heath, but I was on the other side of that eth

He’d takenat all and to leave too literally A couple days had gone by He’d worked late again last night, arriving after I’d fallen asleep and rising before I had The only proof of his being there was an erasp, and though I was angry too, the distance was tearing me up inside

I took a breath and pushed open the door, not remotely prepared for all the love that rushed around me whenever I was around Blake’s fah, so I held some hope that they could pull me, and maybe even Blake too, out of this funk

As if in perfect reflection of Alli and Heath’s energy, the aparthter, the buzz of conversation, and Alli’s loud whoop when the cork popped off the chaer sister, Fiona, ran over to hug ht behind her, co for a warm embrace as soon as Fiona stepped away

"How are you, honey? You look wonderful"

"I’lancing down at the outfit I’d thrown together I was surprised I wasn’t wearing two different shoes for how focused my brain had been lately Black skirt, top, and ballet flats That was hard to screw up

When I ain, a line of worry htened instantly and plastered on a happy face No matter what, I didn’t want my problems with Blake to upset Alli’s party This was an important moment for her and Heath, and I was already worried about stealing her thunder with all this wedding ht

Alli joined us, grabbed ive you the tour"

"Sure" I gave Heath and Greg a small wave before they disappeared out of view

Alli took h the space The apart, on par hat I would expect from any Landon property Warn Some rooms were still cluttered with boxes, but for the most part, it already felt like a home, theirs

"It’s beautiful, Alli"

Her shoulders crept higher as she smiled "Thanks I love it I’ a lot, but hopefully soon we can do a littlehow far she and Heath had come He’d only been out of rehab a couple weeks but they were noell on their way to better, to a nor inthe same with Blake’s Blake wanted hi the bull by the horns, investing himself more heavily than he ever had before

Deep doas happy for them, so very happy But I couldn’t help but draw parallels to Blake andan apartment, we felt farther apart than when I’d lived a floor below Moving in together had been easy, too easy almost I was hesitant at first, but at Blake’s insistence, s that I’d moved a couple months earlier froht of stairs In less than twenty-four hours, anized wealth of his While I enjoyed sharing the space, the apartment never really felt like mine, not the way Alli felt about this place now

"I’ to keep my voice steady as Alli looked to me for reassurance, for my support as her best friend