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"All right," she agreed She glanced down at her cart, calculating how long it would take her to finish

"Thirtytriumphantly "I’ll meet you there"

That settled, he walked away Olivia couldn’t help it, she was curious about thishis own son Perhaps they had more in coroceries in the trunk of her car, Olivia entered Java and Juice, the coffeehouse next to the Safeway Sure enough, Jack aiting for her, hands cupped around a stea latte He sat at a round table by theand stood when she approached It was a sood esture told her aselse he’d said and done

She sat in the chair across from him and he waved to the waitress, who appeared proular coffee; awas set before her

Jack waited until the high-school girl had left before he spoke "I just wanted you to know I meant what I said--I admire what you did last week It couldn’t have been easy" Olivia was about to reain that she couldn’t discuss her court cases when he stopped her, shaking his head "I know, I know But in o unnoticed"

Olivia would have preferred he not publish his opinions for the entire town to discuss However, there was nothing she could say or do that would change what had already seen the light of the printed page

"How long have you been in Cedar Cove?" she asked instead

"Threethe attention away frorinned "I sure am," she told him "So--you have a son?"

"Eric He’s twenty-six and lives in Seattle When he was ten, he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer He wasn’t expected to live…" His face darkened at the memory

"But he did," Olivia said

Jack nodded "He’s alive and healthy, and for that I’rateful" Then he went on to say that Eric worked for Microsoft and was doing very well

Olivia’s gaze went autoer Jack had mentioned his son, but not his wife

He’d obviously noticed her quick look "Eric survived the cancer," he said, "but unfortunately e didn’t"

So he understood on a personal level what had occurred in her own life "I’o Life goes on and so do I You’re divorced yourself?" Although he asked the question, she was fairly certain he already knew the answer

"Fifteen years now"

The conversation flowed smoothly after that, and before she knew it, she had to leave tofor her purse, Olivia stood and extended her hand to Jack

"I enjoyed getting to know you"

He rose to his feet, taking her hand in his "You, too, Olivia" He briefly squeezed her fingers, as if to say they’d formed a bond with one another When they’d first met today--and definitely before that--she’d been irritated with hied to thwart her displeasure By the time she walked out the door, Olivia felt she’d made a friend She ell aware that Jack Griffin was no ordinaryhim

Ian Randall sat in his car outside his wife’s apart as certain to be another confrontation The judge hadto be rescinded Nohat? They had a few options, none of which suited him or, apparently, his wife

Cecilia was the one anted the divorce She’d been the first to hire an attorney Hell, she’d rammed this whole stupid idea down his throat She wanted out Okay, fine If she preferred not to be with hi her husband But now they were faced with a stue, such as it was All because they’d written that agree vows So any longer He cli, approaching the first-floor apartment they’d once shared

Ian was irritated that he had to ring the doorbell to what had recently been his own home After their separation, he’d had to move on base Fortunately, his friend Andrew Lackey had allowed Ian to store a few things at his house He leaned hard against the buzzer now, fighting down his resent the button, he retreated a step and squared his shoulders He steeled his e to reveal any of his thoughts or feelings to Cecilia

His wife opened the door, frowning when she saho it was

"I thought we should come to a decision," he announced in resolute tones No matter howfor her, he did He couldn’t be in the saet what it was like when they’d made love or when he’d first felt their baby et how it had felt to stand over his daughter’s grave, never having had the opportunity to hold Allison or tell her he loved her

Cecilia held open the door "Okay"

The hesitation in her voice was un rooe of the sofa They’d picked it up second-hand at a garage sale shortly after their wedding Ian had refused to let Cecilia help hinant His stubbornness had resulted in a wrenched back This old sofa came with a lot of bad e

Cecilia sat across fro