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She dared not let herself hear his voice; she was too susceptible The problem was, she wanted to believe hio away That hy she’d i class Knit to Quit The sign in the yarn shophad been like a f lashing neon light If she was going to convince Clark that she was serious--and she was--she’d need a distraction to help her through the next feeeks

Her hand tightened on her cell phone Even as her f ingers pushed the buttons to erase Clark’s es, she yearned to talk to him She wanted to be reassured of his love, wanted him to offer some plausible reason that would explain his need to seek out other wo he could say would change what he’d done

"Did you and Clark have another spat?" Bill Boyington, her boss, asked as she started out the door

The question caught her unawares

"What makes you ask?" Phoebe had done her utmost to remain professional and therefore unemotional all week She hadn’t revealed to anyone at work that she’d ended her engagement

"There were f lowers delivered for you" He h, a huge f loral arrange it Orchids, lilies and roses were interspersed aeas; obviously Clark had spared no expense It occurred to her that they werefor a funeral than a reconciliation But inall over again Deter, she squared her shoulders "I don’t want them"

Bill looked at her oddly

"Take the Bill’s ould enjoy them

Her boss didn’t seem convinced "I’ll bet he spent two hundred bucks on that"

For a second Phoebe was teive hi her resistance Still, she couldn’t allow even a small crack in her defenses She shook her head "I…I don’t want theive them to Louise or throw the as if this was some weird joke

"It’s over between Clark andit up this time?"

Phoebe blinked back tears "No…I really don’t have any choice"

Her boss patted her shoulder gently "Do you want to talk about it with anyone? Me or…" He nodded at the receptionist’s desk Claudia was around the sae as Phoebe’s mother