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As usual, backstage is loud and crowded The noise doesn’t really bother irl who performs at the Wilshire Hotel is my least favorite part of the job It wouldn’t be so bad, but I’le, and I swear I can feel their eyes on et ready for a performance

Sucking it up, I graband pull out the diaht’s show It’s been a while since I had this costuained about ten pounds in the last few months, and these leotards don’t ht Goodness I’ve always been thin, but recently,everything in sight Pizza, ice creauacamole, and it’s so yummy I love food with all my heart, but now it’s time to pay the piper

Holding up the leotard in front ofto look like when I get it on, but there’s really no way of knowing Not with fitted material like this

Oh well It’s not like I can run out and get it tailored right now Iinto the leotard After a little wiggling, I e to squeeze into it and walk in front of the ht, but that’s the least of my worries What’s important is I can still fit into it, and if I suck irls will notice

I pull a chair up and start freshening ups razzle-dazzle at the Wilshire, and I don’t want to let the audience down


My spine stiffens I don’t have to look to recognize Jewel’s shrill voice Since they pro or shrieking has becootten what it was like to be just one of the lowly dancers herself, even though she was only proo Not that this should be a surprise, seeing that she’s always loved lording it over us In fact, Jewel isn’t even her real name She’s actually plain old Jennifer, but she’d lose her mind if any of us dared to call her that

“Mimi, come over here this instant,” she snaps

I squeeze my eyes shut and recite all the reasons I need a job in my mind, then I stand up and force a ser wants Even though Jewel’s not a part of the show, she is also wearing a leotard, although hers isn’t covered in diamanté like the rest of ours No It’s all black, probably to match her soul, and makes her already rail-thin body practically disappear anytime she’s in a di est thing on her is her blonde hair that she’s wearing in a blowout that et here tonight